INLOGOS consists of following types of members.

a) General or Life Member

Any Nepali citizen who fulfills the basic requirements can become a general or life member of Inlogos by paying the prescribed membership fees.

b) Founder Members

The founding members being members of the executive committee during its inception shall remain as founding members for his/her life. The first meeting of the executive committee granted founding membership to other persons who helped the institute with financial and technical support in the process of establishing Inlogos.

c) Organizational Members

Any organization, which meets the requirements, can become an organizational member upon paying the prescribed membership fees. All organizational members shall have the same right to vote as an individual member.

d) Honorary Members

Any renowned individuals who have significantly contributed in achieving the objectives of Inlogos may be requested to be an honorary member. The honorary members shall be invited to the meeting of the executive committee or to the General Assembly. But such members shall have no voting rights.