1. Provide consultancy services
    Provide consultancy services to strengthen local capacities to municipal, district and village level organizations in terms of rural, urban, rural-urban, planning, research, policy, administration, management, finance and sustainable development.
  2. Design and conduct training
    Design and conduct training, workshops and seminars related to decentralization and local governance.
  3. Develop operational manuals and teaching materials
    Develop operational manuals and teaching materials related to the functions and responsibilities of local bodies.
  4. Design and conduct studies
    Design and conduct studies and research relating  to local development, decentralization and local governance.
  5. Recognize / Reward individuals
    Recognize / Reward individuals and/or institutions and local bodies who provide outstanding contributions to the promotion of local governance system in the country.
  6. Promote exchange of knowledge
    Promote exchange of knowledge, best practices and skills among key partners through networking with local governments at national and international levels.
  7. Help local bodies in good governance through
    Help local bodies in good governance through  involvement of civil society,; developing partnerships with NGOs, CBOs, and private sector organizations; and involvement of third party technical auditing and  public auditing.
  8. Development of standards, manuals
    Development of standards, manuals and directives relating to specifications, designs, cost estimating, and procurement of public works in local languages fully compatible to local needs and working conditions.
  9. Helping to promote local governance systems
    Helping to promote local governance systems.